Why A Management Company?

An association management company provides a centralized office that serves as the client's headquarters. The overhead costs for the professional offices are shared by many organizations, increasing their resources and capabilities without major capital investment or liabilities. The shared-resources concept allows clients to realize savings in employer expenses, computers and other office equipment, office space rental, insurance, and the host of other expenses that go into maintaining dedicated staff and an office.

Sterling Strategic Management is a collection of skilled professionals whose goal is to provide expertise and specialized administrative services to trade associations, professional societies and non-profit organizations in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

The services of an association management company are designed to facilitate the achievement of the overall mission and goals of the organization by allowing volunteer leaders to focus on strategic planning and policy decisions. The role of the management staff is to provide advice, and to develop and implement programs that will fulfill these organizational goals.

A recent study conducted by LoBue & Majdalany showed that organizations managed by AMCs essentially left the Great Recession behind in 2009, returning to pre-recession operating levels of performance in 2010. Conversely, standalone organizations were still struggling to recover from the recession. The study also showed more about the whys of these trends. Basically, the AMC-model was more adept at adjusting expenses to match revenue.

The AMC management model demonstrated flexibility and suppleness in the alignment of expenses and revenues during the Great Recession that simply could not be matched by organizations that employ their own staff and operational resources. It should come as no surprise that the AMC model of association management provides organizations more options when it comes to allocating available resources to program needs than the more static structure of the standalone model. This study reveals that the results reported last year endure, and provides us with a deeper understanding of how those favorable results are delivered each year. The AMC management model demonstrates more skill at managing the bottom line.

What is the management structure of Sterling Strategic Management?

Dedicated and committed personnel are essential to the success of any professional relationship. Each organization works directly with one, primary point of contact, (executive director or administrator), who is dedicated to managing the organization and driving its growth. This person interacts with their team on a daily basis to ensure the goals of the association are being met.

How does Sterling Strategic Management charge for services?

SSM's compensation is incentive driven, based on a percentage of an association's annual income. The incentive is simple: the better the association does, the better SSM does.

There are no hourly fees for committees and programs. SSM does not charge any supplementary charges for staff time. There is no transition fee.

How long will a management transition take?

Long transitions are costly and create an unstable environment for your members. SSM will have the basic administrative structure in place, within two weeks, making the transition virtually seamless.